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Door Options


What are the door specifications?

  • High quality UPVC, extruded by Synseal Shield.
  • Shootbolt locking mechanism ensures maximum security
  • Accommodates 28mm glazed units
  • Internally beaded for extra security
  • Smooth sliding action provided by 4 wheeled bogies with high precision ball bearing
  • Weather Tested to BS 6375: Part 1: 2004
  • Fully reinforced with galvanized steel.
  • Each opening door is designed to carry up to 80kgs.
  • Low level sight line gaskets, with a choice of 3 different featured bead

What's the difference between PVC bi folding doors and aluminum bi folding doors?

  • As well as a smoother, more reliable, better looking and more durable system, UPVC can be used to match existing windows and doors to provide, aesthetically an improved appearance to your home.

What are the Advantages/Disadvantages of each Threshold Option?

  • Top Running - The bulk of the gearing is at the Top of the door.
    The threshold/up-stand at the base of the door is slightly smaller, compared to a Bottom running door.
    Dis: The door must be securely fixed to either a lintel/RSJ or a solid fixing, otherwise the doors will drop making them unusable.

    Bottom Running - The bulk of the gearing is at the Bottom of the door.
    Ad: As the bulk of the weight is at the base of the door, the chances of the door dropping are slim.
    Dis: The threshold/up-stand at the base of the door is slightly bigger compared to a Top running door.

    Low Aluminum Threshold - The bulk of the gearing is at the bottom of the door
    Ad: The threshold/up-stand at the base of the door is flush against the floor.
    The doors can only Open Inwards. Internal doors can open either In/Out.

What opening styles are available?

  • There are many different opening options, from a 2 panelled door to a 7 panelled door, with different combinations. Please click here to view opening options.

Are the doors internally or externally glazed?

  • Internally, this increases security as there is no access to the beads from outside the property.

Can the doors open in or out?*

  • The UPVC Bi-folding doors can be manufactured both inward and outward opening. However, it is recommended that outward opening doors must only be fitted internally, i.e. between the living room and conservatory. Outward opening doors are NOT recommended for external use, as the hardware can be exposed to all weather conditions. The hardware manufacturers will therefore not guarantee parts, on external outward opening doors.

    If you wish to order an outward opening door, and fit it externally, please be aware of the above omission on the guarantee.

Ideally how wide should each individual panel be?

  • There is a weight limit on each panel of 80kg, we recommend you do not exceed 900mm per panel, and the minimum door width to be no smaller than 450mm. The maximum door height is 2400mm high.

What is the weather performance of the doors?

  • In accordance to BS 6375: Part 1: 2004; our bi-folding doors achieved the following results:
    Air Permeability 300pa
    Watertightness 200pa
    Wind Resistance 800pa
    Exposure Category 800


How do I measure the opening?

  • For the width, measure your aperture width in 3 separate places and then deduct 10mm off your smallest size. This will be your order size For the height, this will be determined by which threshold option you decide. You can either have a top running, bottom running or an aluminum threshold. Please Note, we strongly recommend adequate support i.e. solid fixings/lintel for all top-running track doors. With any option you will need to consider where the threshold will finish in relation to your finish floor level, which includes your final floor covering e.g. laminated floor, carpet etc.

How do I order?

  • Once you are ready to place an order, either email us on order@upvcfoldingdoor.com or call us on 0845 260 2888 quoting your quotation reference number.


How do the doors come delivered?

  • All of our doors are delivered on our own transport. They come in 1 piece, ready to install [unless you have stated otherwise on your order form]. The delivery will be pre-arranged for a specific day, however precise times cannot be given. Due to the size and weight of the doors, person or persons must be present to unload.

What are your terms for delivery?

  • We ask that all products are inspected on the day of delivery. If there are any problems with our product, we MUST be notified in writing within 3 working days. We regret that should we be notified after this time, for whatever reason, any replacement or repair will be fully chargeable.


Are they easy to install?

  • They are easy to install if you have experience in fitting windows or doors. The doors come complete with an instruction manual, however if you are unsure of the term 'toe and heeled' we highly recommend allowing our fitters to install your doors.

If I require assistance with the fitting, are you able to help?

  • If you require on-site assistance, a minimum call out charge of £50.00 per hour, including travel time will be charged. If the reason is due to a technical fault which is our mistake, the call out charge will be reimbursed.

Do you Install?

  • We offer an installation service within and around the M25. However, if you require an installation service outside this area, we are able to provide you a list of experienced installers within your area.


What are the guarantees on the doors?

  • All Woodgrain/Oak PVC profiles are guaranteed for 5 years, White PVC profile is guaranteed for 10 years. Hardware parts are guaranteed for 1 year, this excludes wear & tear. This guarantee is void on folding doors that open out.

Are the doors difficult to maintain?

  • No, the folding doors are virtually maintenance free, however to ensure longer durability we recommend that all moving parts are oiled regularly. For external outward opening doors, we recommend more frequent oiling, especially in the winter months.

Where can I see a sample?

  • We have 2 showrooms in which you can see the folding doors:
    DDG Group Ltd
    844 Romford Rd
    Manor Park
    E12 5JP

    DDG Group Ltd
    101 Wantz Road
    RM10 8PS
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